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3 min readAug 26, 2021

One of the reasons that podcast advertising is able to deliver such impressive ROI is due to the power of personality driven media. Podcast listeners like and trust the talent behind their favorite shows and 45% of podcast listeners believe that the hosts of the podcasts they listen to regularly actually use the products and services they mention on their shows*.

Hosts wield incredible influence and that directly leads to the impact that baked-in or host live read ads have on improving performance.

We believe the MediaRadar Blog summed it up best “Listeners feel a personal connection or affinity towards podcast hosts. They can even keep them in line if they endorse something that rubs them the wrong way. This sense of authenticity and relevance makes host-read ads as powerful as ever**.”

And the even better news about podcast hosts is that many of them have developed significant influence beyond the world of podcasting. They have amassed significant social followings in addition to their listenership. At Ad Results Media, we work with our clients to develop full 360 integrations by leveraging all aspects of the show and hosts’ sphere of influence.

We dug into the data and have identified some of the top Most Influential Podcasts based upon listenership, category relevance, social reach and engagements.

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience

Category: Comedy & Culture

Joe Rogan

Total Social Reach: 36.6M

Monthly Engagement: 7.2M

Monthly Search Volume: 1M

2. The Ben Shapiro Show

Category: Conservative Politics

Ben Shapiro

Total Social Reach: 14.2M

Monthly Engagement: 13.2M

Monthly Search Volume: 1.2M

3. The Breakfast Club

Category: Culture

Charlamagne tha God

Total Social Reach: 7M

Monthly Engagement: 3.3M

Monthly Search Volume: 110K

Angela Yee

Total Social Reach: 5M

Monthly Engagement: 700K

Monthly Search Volume: 40K

4. Armchair Expert

Category: Culture

Dax Shepard

Total Social Reach: 4.6M

Monthly Engagement: 1.4M

Monthly Search Volume: 378K

5. The Bill Simmons Podcast

Category: Sports

Bill Simmons

Total Social Reach: 6.4M

Monthly Engagement: 22K

Monthly Search Volume: 60K

6. SmartLess

Category: Comedy & Culture

Will Arnett

Total Social Reach: 986K

Average Monthly Engagement: 53K

Monthly Search Volume: 200K

Jason Bateman

Total Social Reach: 2M

Monthly Engagement: 5K

Monthly Search Volume: 550K

Sean Hayes

Total Social Reach: 1.2M

Monthly Engagement: N/A

Monthly Search Volume: 60K

7. Pardon My Take

Category: Sports

Dan “Big Cat” Katz

Total Social Reach: 2M

Monthly Engagement: 3M

Monthly Search Volume: 1K

PFT Commenter

Total Social Reach: 353K

Monthly Engagement: 45K

Monthly Search Volume: 22K

8. Call Her Daddy

Category: Sex & Dating

Alex Cooper

Total Social Reach: 2.2M

Monthly Engagement: 1.46M

Monthly Search Volume: 74K

Sofia Franklyn

Total Social Reach: 750K

Monthly Engagement: 127K

Monthly Search Volume: 110K

9. Your Mama’s House

Category: Comedy

Tom Segura

Total Social Reach: 1.5M

Monthly Engagement: 800K

Monthly Search Volume: 165K

Christina P.

Total Social Reach: 600K

Monthly Engagement: 176K

Monthly Search Volume: 12K

10. Crime Junkies

Category: True Crime

Ashley Flowers

Total Social Reach: 300K

Monthly Engagement: 68K

Monthly Social Mentions:

Monthly Search Volume: 27k

Brit Prawat

Total Social Reach: 141K

Monthly Engagement: N/A

Monthly Social Mentions:

Monthly Search Volume: N/A

For more information on the 360 integration opportunities with these influential podcasts, reach out to Ad Results Media for a consultation.

* Super Listeners 2020




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