The Next Chapter of Ad Results Media

Ad Results Media
3 min readJul 27, 2021

Introducing the next evolution of ARM.

We’re excited to share the next iteration of Ad Results Media — the leader in audio-influencer advertising. ARM exists to help brands move beyond just being heard, becoming part of the people, things and stories that interest listeners most. We’re reimagining the influence of iconic brands through audio by:

  • Breakthrough digital ad channels with storytelling, grounded in insights.
  • Forging intimate and impactful connections with listeners and their favorite hosts.
  • Creating measurable audio ad experiences that are engaging, authentic and actionable.

Are you ready to be part of the story?

Our Story

Since 1998 ARM has been evolving and innovating. Under the old moniker Ad Results Advertising, the agency launched the first podcast ad in 2010, and has continued to outperform competitors while trailblazing in the podcast advertising field. While audio is anything but new, it’s an exciting time to be on the cutting edge of audio advertising. We know podcast advertising isn’t “niche” anymore — it’s necessary. Over 100M Americans choose to tune into podcasts every month across over 2M individual shows. Thanks to the pandemic, podcast ad spending crossed the $1B mark and surpassed 20% of digital radio ad spending. Listeners choose storytelling that fits their interests, lifestyle and even how they consume it. That’s why listeners pay more attention to podcast ads than ads in any other medium. 86% say they recall ads on podcasts more than any other channel and 56% have purchased something advertised. But podcasts are just the tip of the iceberg. While the podcast boom put it back on the map, delivery and platforms for exploring and finding content are evolving dramatically.

Our Future

At ARM, we consider ourselves specialists, NOT general practitioners. Here’s where your ARMY is headed:

  • We’ve negotiated and purchased over $2B in audio media since inception
  • 3,000+ ads bought, aired, monitored, graded and evaluated each week
  • 10,000+ industry, network and endorser partnerships
  • 6.4B+ yearly campaign impressions

We continue to press on as pioneers and matchmaking specialists in this space. For over 20 years, we’ve specialized in connecting creators, platforms, brands and listeners to create what you hear on your favorite shows. We’re the only audio-focused specialist in the market helping brands break through advertising clutter. Our combination of both art and science, builds authentic relationships with consumers, the hosts they love and brands they support, helping create listener experiences that are engaging, authentic and actionable across shows, networks and emerging platforms. Most of all, results is literally our middle name. Our campaigns are effective, efficient and measurable. We’re here to challenge industry leaders to invest in new and emerging platforms. Hear for yourself!

In this next iteration of our company, we’re excited for the future of audio advertising and our role in bringing all pieces of the audio ecosystem together. It’s time to get in and get it now.



Ad Results Media

ARM delivers meaningful ROI in the form of reach, relevance, resonance and response across radio and podcast advertising