No Cookies? No Problem. Futureproof Your Brand With Creator Marketing

GDPR. CCPA. The era of third-party ad targeting is coming to an end. Digital advertising is getting a makeover and cutting out cookies is how they’re trimming the fat.

Leave your content to the pros.

Creators have a wealth of first-party audience data.

Make every dollar impression and engagement count with creator marketing.

Tool Tips

  1. When searching for a creator to align your brand with, remember that getting your ad in front of the right eyes is more important than getting it in front of a magnitude of eyes.
  2. “When you’re buying ad space on a YouTube channel, you are buying the impressions, but that’s just a part of it,” says Coulter. “What you’re really buying is the trust that person’s built with the audience over many, many, many years. That’s the real value.”
  3. Not only that, but viewers know that supporting brands who support their favorite creators is a solid bet. Creators can’t afford to jeopardize the trust they’ve built up, so audiences know they’ll vet the sponsors they align with.
  4. “When I say, ‘Support my generous sponsor and check out their brand,’ that’s a pretty strong call to action,” said Tyler Hoover of Hoovie’s Garage. “And when you have a devoted fan base who wants to see you do more dumb things on your channel, they’re much more inclined to go buy something.”

Qualitative benefits of creator marketing

  1. Seamless ads: When the creator includes an ad in their video, there’s no option for the viewer to press “skip ad” — and most don’t skip ahead anyway.
  2. Reliable tracking: Whatever call-to-action a brand wants to use — a QR code, link, etc. — the creator can make that obvious and available. Such codes or clicks are dependable metrics.

Other benefits

  1. Another benefit of close collaboration with creators is that they listen and interact with their audience in an authentic way.
  2. Because of this, creators across the board say that they’ll only promote products that they really believe in or want to back because the trust their viewers place in them is critically important.
  3. Honest delivery
  4. “We have to make sure that the product delivers what they say because if you push one product that wasn’t an honest item, that comes back on the creator, not the brand,” said Dave Coulter of DDE.
  5. Emphasis on accountability can work for both the brand and creator if both parties are willing to take constructive criticism.
  6. “At Daily Driven Exotics, we’ll even go as far as forwarding any customer comments or complaints to the brand and have ongoing conversations to make sure the matter is resolved,” Coulter said. “Once we find those brands that are really dedicated to quality of service and building the same trust we try to build, those are the brands we partner with for the long term.”

Creators make excellent collaborators. They may even teach us a few things.



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