How to Advertise on Spotify

Introduction to Spotify Advertisements

Why Brands Are Advertising on Spotify

Types of Spotify Ads

  • Audio: Endorsement ads
  • Audio: Produced ads
  • Video: Pre-roll
  • Video: Mid-roll
  • Display: Companion CTA cards with Podcasts

Podcast ads

  • Podcast ads are served across mobile, desktop, tablet, web players, gaming consoles, smart TVs, connected speakers, in-car, and wearables.
  • The max length is 30 seconds for pre-roll ads and 60 seconds for mid-roll ads. If you’re running both pre-rolls and mid-rolls, keep your message within 30 seconds to hold the listener’s attention and avoid skipping.
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Video & Display ads

Sponsored Playlists

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Spotify?

Variables that Impact Cost

  • Show Type or Popularity
  • Impression Volume
  • Specific Talent
  • Advertiser Demand

Is Advertising on Spotify Effective?

How to Create a Spotify Ad

How to Measure the Success of a Spotify Ad Campaign

  • Measuring a brand’s success on Spotify should not be different or distinct than measuring success with other partners. We firmly believe that driving measurable business impact should be the expectation of all marketers and we use the performance data provided by Spotify to report on how each of our individual campaigns are performing in relation to achieving client objectives.
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