How Much Do Podcast Ads Cost?

How Does Podcast Advertising Work?

  • Preroll (“pre”) –These units are in the first ~30–60 seconds of content and are generally a very short 10–20 second brand mention. These are often used for branding or “sponsored by” ads.
  • Midroll (“mid”) — These units can run anywhere from 2 minutes into the show to 2 minutes from the end of the content. They are a preferred ad unit. They are usually 60 seconds in length and often 2–4 units run per show.
  • Post-roll (“post”) — These units are in the last ~60–90 seconds of the show and are usually 10–30 seconds in length. These units are generally not preferred as listeners will sometimes stop listening to the show before this placement runs.
  • Baked In — These are ads that live in the show in perpetuity and are included in every download — regardless of how much time has elapsed since the show has run. They are definitely our preferred ad unit. This format allows for ads to be in more downloads than what was originally purchased.
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) — These are ads that are placed into each download dynamically and, as a result, may be different for each individual download. Each advertisement is inserted until it reaches the contracted number of downloads. Generally speaking, these ads are often pre-produced and can sound more “ad-like”.
  • When evaluating a proposal, CPM provides a good common denominator to compare across shows or networks. CPM is the Cost Per Thousand people reached. The CPM is the cost you’ll pay per 1,000 impressions or downloads. To calculate a CPM on your own, you would use the following formula: Cost/(Downloads/1000).

Average Podcast Advertising CPMs by Ad Type

  • Pre-roll: $20 CPM
  • Mid-roll: $27 CPM
  • Post-roll: These should be viewed as “added value”.

Variables that Influence Podcast Advertising Rates

Podcast Reach & Popularity

Podcast Ad Length

Who’s Reading the Ad?

From the Experts: How to Maximize Podcast Ad Spend

  1. Don’t write scripts unless there is very specific legal language that needs to be included verbatim.
  2. Provide a broad range of talking points that the host or creator can make their own
  3. Be open to the creator’s suggestions.
  4. The promotional read should be seamless, don’t restrict the time that they spend discussing your brand. The more the better!

Wrapping it Up



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